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We're a marketing platform holistically designed
to showcase you and your business across three media avenues

•  Hard copy magazine 

•  Digital website and email marketing

•  Social Media - Facebook and Instagram

Our Vision is a simple one:

To create you massive marketing exposure to attract more customers.

By deploying our COVERED. multi-point strategy for audience engagement, we have developed an essential
full-service marketing product suite for all local business.




 A free, info-packed, social, designer magazine
that is grabbed and held onto.

The value of your brand is represented by the quality of the company you keep.

A magazine that is loved, hugged and held onto for a long time, becomes a fabric of the conscience mind.    

Creative, Stylish, Entrepreneurial, Artistic, Musically Literate and Designer Individuals are our audience.

We inform

We showcase

We tell

People matter, our environment matters, the story matters.

Let us tell yours…

Bi Monthly Release Schedule:

December + January

February + March

April + May

June + July

August + September

October + November


Distribution + demographic.



SUMMER ISSUE 18: 25,000 copies printed and distributed throughout the Northern Beaches and lower North Shore of Sydney.

•  Distributed for FREE at hundreds of cafés, restaurants, music hubs, surf shops, barber shops, hairstylists, plus pubs, clubs and trending retail hubs. 

•  A4 format.

• From Manly to Palm Beach, then up the hill to Belrose, Frenchs Forest and Davidson, and into the Lower North Shore.


 •     Male & Female     •     21- 65     •     Creative      •     Inspired      •     Thinking     •     Dreaming     •     Health Minded    
 •     Beach Loving  People

Designers, Artists, Surfers and Gig Monsters,

Entrepreneurs, Tradies and Business Makers,

Creatives, Teachers, Students and Social Influencers,

Photographers, Movie Makers and Drone Operators,

Architects, Finance Peeps and Hospitality Crew,

Young at heart and open minded.

This is a magazine designed for you.



All the above rates EXCLUDE GST

Packages Include

  • Your desired number of magazines 
  • Website listing page on the COVERED. HUB
  • Access to the weekly EDM (Electronic Directly Marketing Database) 
  • COVERED. Hub Online Event Advertising 
  • Weekly Events and Gig Guide online at
  • Social Media posts across the COVERED. Social Media Platform

supplying content


Let’s get started. What you need to do > 


We need you to provide essential content for your COVERED. space. 

If COVERED. are designing your space, you will need to provide:

•  Your Logo in EPS format

•  High-resolution images

•  Copy for your Branding ad

If you are providing press ready artwork, we accept press ready high resolution PDF files.

We recommend saving the file as an .PS out of your native program and using Acrobat Distiller to create the PDF.
PDFs generated within Microsoft Office are not acceptable.

PDFs created from native programs such as Indesign or Illustrator are acceptable.

If your space includes editorial, our editorial team will be in touch with you regarding the editorial side of things.




With a strategic marketing plan in place, COVERED. will get you the exposure you need. 

Talk with us to discuss marketing your business.

Call (02) 8964 6545

John Vickery  //  Mobile: 0412 415 657

Studio 2 / 8 Orchard Road, Brookvale NSW 2100