The Beer That Went On Tour

Like most good stories, Young Henrys started over a pint of beer.

COVERED. spoke with founder Oscar McMahon about his passion for a good brew and creating a beer for the people.

Nestled in the iconic surrounds of Newtown, a suburb known for its bustling bars and fantastic music scene, Young Henrys Brewery is drawing craft beer lovers from as far as the Northern Beaches. And it’s no wonder, with its founders Oscar McMahon and Rich Adamson collaborating with beer lovers and creatives to produce much loved brews.

It started as a craft beer appreciation club, before Oscar discovered people’s passion for craft beer and identified the need for breweries and brands to prioritise relationships with their local communities and collaborating with like-minded, passionate and creative people.

Over the years, the brew team has joined forces with Australian rock bands, creative businesses and liquor brands to create unique beverages that are sold across the country.

“Brewing is an incredible thing; it is part science part creativity. It is hard work and heart-warming at the same time. It’s what I love,” says Oscar.

Most recently, Young Henrys collaborated with the Dune Rats, a popular Australian rock band from Brisbane, to celebrate their second album debuting at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart. 

“Everywhere the Dune Rats toured, the ‘Dunies Lager’ followed. The beer was sold at gigs, concerts and festivals to celebrate the collaboration and the band’s popular new album. The beer went ‘on tour’” he remarks.

After an adventurous trip to the US, the team realised the popularity of small batch distilleries and experimented creating their own gin.

“As we started blending techniques and flavours from both our experience in brewing and distillation, we created the Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin, which recently won Silver in the
San Francisco Liquor Awards,” says Oscar.

Open every day, the Young Henrys Brewery Tasting Bar is where you’ll drink great craft beer and gin, meet fantastic people and will be served by bartenders keen to have a chat. 

You can find Young Henrys in boutique liquor stores like Porters Liquor Balgowlah and in venues such as The Hotel Steyne, Hemingway’s Manly, Blacksmith Café Mona Vale, Palm Beach Wine Co, and Dan Murphy’s stores

76 Wilford Street Newtown
(02) 9519 0048