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Liz Nable from Xtend Barre Northern Beaches shares her advice on how to get your best self out 2019
and why the motivation behind your movement is much more important than the end results. 

When a new member starts at Xtend Barre, the first question we always ask is, “What are your goals?”
Our clients come to us for a whole host of reasons and surprisingly, looking good in a bikini is only one of them.

The second question we ask is… why? The way the problem makes you feel will become your ultimate driving force. 
Once you know why, you need to make a plan. So how do we do that at Xtend Barre?

BE REALISTIC – when embarking on a new training program, think of it as a slow burn.
Be in it for the long haul. Be patient. 

BE ORGANISED – at the start of the week, lock in all your classes, factoring in your work and family commitments.
Kicking off the week with a regular Monday class will leave you with a sense of control.

PLAN TO FAIL – 95% of New Year’s resolutions never see the light of February
because as humans, we rely too much on self-motivation and discipline. You will fall off the wagon,
and that’s okay. Plan to fail and be realistic, and you’ll have a greater chance of seeing your plan through to the end. 

TELL THE WORLD – tell someone or everyone about your goal, and you’ll have to follow through.
Your friends, partner, mum or kids will support you and cheer you on when you are killing it.