Work a Different Way

Entrepreneurs launching their own businesses are often unable to afford office rental but are isolated working from home. Now a new way to work is being offered in popular restaurants and bars – and the venues are able to reutilise their premises during quieter times.

COVERED. looks into the new co-working concept appealing to businesses and workers and being pioneered by Havana Beach in Manly.

Starting out in business often means long hours and a lack of cash, as well as stretches of time working alone. Not exactly ideal working conditions.

But a company has moved onto the Northern Beaches with a co-working concept for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

TwoSpace is offering desks and spaces that can be rented on a daily casual basis or more regularly, so people can work out of home with others, without committing to fulltime rent.

The company hosts popular venues as office space, for a meeting, a day’s work, or more. In Manly, Havana Beach is onboard with the popular Cuban bar and restaurant being the first on the peninsula to offer their venue as a rentable co-working space.

Matt Soltau, co-owner of Havana, says, “It’s like many other things we have done in the past and is about connecting and giving back to the community. 

“We want to be able to support as many local ideas as possible. Being able to provide an environment where people can work on their ideas together, because it can be so isolating working from home.”

A TwoSpace host is in situ to manage clients but it is about more than just having a desk and an internet connection they can utilise. Workers are able to connect with the community working around them while they grow their own startup or complete their work.

Matt says people often discuss ideas and share contacts, so it is a case of building an entrepreneurial community that can support and encourage its members.

Havana Beach offers work spaces Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm complete with Wifi, power sockets and a table to work at complete with ocean views.

And after 4pm, it turns back into the lively bar and restaurant we all know and love – and an ideal spot for an end-of-work day drink, dinner and chat.

TwoSpace has venues across Sydney as well as in Melbourne and Singapore. Members will have access to this now global network of venues for a subscription fee.

Havana Beach Office

If you are thinking of starting your own business and need a workspace on the Northern Beaches, visit Havana Beach to meet a TwoSpace host and sign up on the spot for a free trial.

For a $169 per month subscription fee, you can have access to TwoSpace venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore plus access to partner hotdesk and meeting rooms as well as web service credits and supports, exclusive rights to events and the opportunity to meet industry leaders associated with TwoSpace.

Prices: $169 per month
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Co-working Opportunities

Venues who wish to join the TwoSpace ranks can contact them to find out if their premises are suitable.

TwoSpace is also looking for entrepreneurs and self-employed legends to act as hosts and manage the working spaces. Each venue is hosted by one driven, sharp-minded and welcoming person and as the number of venues grow, more hosts are needed. Perks of the job include a supercharged network and a share in membership revenue.

Book today for a FREE trial to check out a TwoSpace venue like Havana Beach.