Word On The Street

How do you celebrate the summer season and what do you love to do?

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I love to surf. I am hoping to get a dinghy for Christmas so I can get out in the water with friends and enjoy where we live
in summer time.

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Sitting on the grass at Freshie Beach with some nice wine and cheese is my favourite way to celebrate the summer season. 

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Summer is a time for socialising and eating good food outdoors. I live overlooking Freshwater Beach, so I do a lot of entertaining with friends and family at my place when the weather’s fine.

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Summer days are spent with family, playing outdoor cricket and eating seafood. We always make time for a swim down at Freshwater Beach.

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I like chillin’ with my mates and going to the beach. 
My favourite beach is Balmoral and Jump Rock in Manly is fun in summer.

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Lynn, Grahame,
Orran and Isla

We love coming down to the beach, going for a swim and finishing the day off with some ice-cream. Christmas is always spent with good food and family from Scotland.

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Jordan and Peter

We are from France, so we love the sun at Christmas time. We like to party, dance and drink alcohol in the sun.

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Summer is going out and drinking with mates and just not taking life too seriously. It’s nice to spend the festive season with family, partying and enjoying good food.