Wedding Day Bliss


Cloud 9 have been looking after newly engaged couples on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for the last 10 years. They create beautiful and seamless celebrations with flair and passion. COVERED. found out Cloud 9’s top tips for wedding day bliss. 

Book a wedding planner.
A wedding planner helps you navigate the multitude of possibilities and connects you with the right vendors to ensure your wedding day is both relaxed and fun. Cloud 9 work with each couple looking at the flow and timing of the day and provide insight into things you may not have even thought of, so when it comes to the day you are worry free.


Meet with your suppliers.
Make sure you meet with vendors before you book, to check that what is offered is what you’re getting. However, with Cloud 9 involved, the need for this can sometimes be removed, saving you time.

Have a back-up plan.
For wedding ceremonies outside, even the very best wedding planner cannot control the weather; however, Cloud 9 can assist with the options for ensuring your ceremony is beautiful and seamless regardless.


Have a consistent theme throughout your wedding.
From invitations through to the styling of your ceremony and reception, having a consistent style creates the atmosphere that you wish your guests to experience and sets the scene for a memorable celebration. Photos also look amazing in spaces that are styled with consideration for the venue you have booked, and the style of menu you have chosen. Cloud 9 have a large range of furniture, props, table decorations and styling pieces. They create mock-ups and mood boards so you can picture how everything is going to come together.

Food and drinks.
This will add to the theme of your wedding and is most certainly something that guests will talk about, and Cloud 9 knows, how important this aspect is. Food and drinks can also be themed with a signature cocktail, styled food stations, donut wall or a gelato bar… just to name a few options.

Entertainment has a lot to do with the experience your guests will have. Whether it’s a photo booth, a polaroid station, live band or DJ, this has a lot to do with the experience your guests have. Getting your guests away from their tables and mingling helps make for a memorable and fun night. 


Personalise it.
Your wedding day is about you as a couple, so start with what is most important to you. Cloud 9 can organise all your desired elements of your dream wedding day so you can relax and celebrate with those who matter most, knowing that the details are taken care of.

As much as there are endless possibilities when it comes to planning your wedding day, there is often a budget that needs to be met and as wedding planners, Cloud 9 works through options so that couples can choose what is going to work best for them.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
On the day, little things may happen but if all the details have been planned out with your wedding planner, your day will run smoothly. Focus on the reason you are getting married, and what matters most - Love! •

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