Warming up for the winter at Manly Skiff

Manly Skiff is that classic waterside venue that you know and love. It’s your easy staple for when you want to impress guests from out of town, or when you feel like a special, spontaneous dinner with your nearest and dearest. But change is on the menu: two hatted head chef Shane Davey told COVERED. what diners could expect in the winter months.


So, what’s on offer? To start with, sample some of their fresh Aussie prawns or an oyster platter, both sourced from down south. Manly Skiff uses quality Australian ingredients from local suppliers close to home, as well as supporting Aussie farmers further afield, using sustainable milk amongst other sustainably sourced products.

Moving on to the mains, their winter menu has a range of hearty options depending on what you’re feeling. Slow braised lamb, anyone? Think, lamb cooked for hours, bathed in a richly flavourful sauce, and plated up as you soak in the sun, sinking over the harbour.

With a classic view, they’re not leaving behind their classic menu favourites - don’t worry, creatures of habit! If their Monday night steaks or Tuesday parmies were an irremovable part of your week, they’re there to stay.

However, for anyone with a cheeky hint of adventure on their taste buds, chef Davey says their twisting even the hallowed classics, and getting creative. Get ready for nacho, prawn and boscaiola parmigianas!

“Different things going on, but we still always do the classics,” explains Shane.

They’re also introducing Poke bowls as a light and easy option, for those that want to enjoy a quick meal, and get in and out.

But who wouldn’t want to stick around? Manly Skiff is also newly jazzed-up and refurbished for the winter! Bringing in stylish, designer furniture and cane chairs to cosy the place up, there’s a real warmth that permeates the second you step through the door.

They’ve also extended the deck over the water and installed a wind barrier. So you can enjoy the blue ocean vista minus the cold breeze under all the warming heaters, sipping on your Shiraz and tasting the finest delightsof the ocean whilst you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. •

Cnr Stuart Street & East Esplanade, Manly | (02) 9977 3322 | www.manlyskiff.com.au | manlyskiff