Virtual Cycling Destination

Founder and head coach Thomas Ing.

Founder and head coach Thomas Ing.

Velo Bar Indoor Cycling is a boutique studio in Mona Vale providing virtual cycling circuits to the Northern Beaches fitness and cyclist community.

The studio’s training formula and focused strategy on virtual cycle circuits, is based on factual and quantifiable workouts and has proven popular among the cycling and fitness community on the Northern Beaches.

The innovative computer system on every Velo Bar bike, provides members with cycling results to track fitness improvement over time.

Founder Thomas Ing describes Velo Bar as a place for cyclists to train, learn and network while also being an interactive exercise choice for locals improving their health and fitness.

The team at Velo Bar is passionate about training riders to become more educated on cycling, safer, fitter, motivated and interconnected with all other parts of the cycling and fitness community. 

Velo Bar
4/1 Waratah St, Mona Vale
0449 141 169