Time to Get Moving at Body And Balance


Now is the time to dust off the winter hibernation and really get into that exercise program that you have been promising yourself
or up the number of classes you are doing. Fitness and wellness expert Jill Healy-Quintard explains why.

The onset of warmer weather often means people suddenly get the urge to get out to the great outdoors. There is more daylight so you can go to work, do your exercise program and enjoy home time while still in daylight. 

Even the laziest people find it hard to resist the smell of spring and the warmer air and sunshine, so now is the time. Beginning the exercise program is the most difficult part, but the good news is that research has shown once you start a program you are quickly addicted to the wonderful feeling exercise produces. In as little as 10 days you can be on your way to enjoying the benefits of exercise.

Evidence shows that regular exercise:

  • Helps increase levels of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol

  • Can lower high blood pressure

  • Helps promote bone density

  • Will boost the immune system

  • Helps improve body composition by burning fat

  • Helps to promote healthy blood sugar levels

  • Helps improve mood swings and can aid in reducing depression

  • Helps improve your sex life too, due to increase in serotonin and energy levels

It is important to start gently if you have been inactive over winter. For example, a moderate intensity walk of 30 minutes for a minimum of three days a week or two to three classes of Body and Balance YogaPilates Fusion®, Restorative Pilates, A45+ Fitness Groove® or BodyBarre® for ‘the coolest playlist’ cardio and stretch along with Yoga Nidra Meditation for the perfect mind/body/balance exercise system. 

This is a good start and will bring about real and lasting health benefits. Whatever you choose it must be enjoyable without being too difficult. You will find as your stamina increases you can then increase your intensity for more health and fitness benefits.