The Corner at Queensie

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In October this year, a post hit the Hemingway’s Manly social media feeds. ‘To all our loyal Hemingway’s fans, we have some exciting news’. COVERED. couldn’t wait to sit down with the new owner Sonia Deleuze, and Theo Gibson, general manager of The Corner, to find out more.

The Corner at Queenscliff. positioned directly across the road from the Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club, is the latest Hemingway’s journey into the Manly café scene. This former convenience shop is now well on its way to being transformed into a café social hub.

It all started last January. Sonia and her husband Emmanuel, living close, discovered the owners, Daniel and Laura, were willing to sell-up, after 15 years of great service to the community. They realised that this little corner of Queenscliff could become the epicenter of café culture and a much-needed social space for locals. 

“Queenscliff was just missing something - where do you go to have a coffee and breakfast,” Sonia explains about the Queenscliff end of the beach location. So there you have it, the idea was born. The space was bought and ‘The Corner’ at Queensie is in the making.

“We will be serving breakfast and lunch daily and most likely dinner three days a week,” tells Sonia. The Corner will bear similarities to Hemingway’s however,
the menu will be slightly different; a lighter, more beach friendly offering that can be easily taken to the park or the beach. 

“It’s like the little sister of Hemingway’s,” explains Sonia. 

The cafe is set to open by the end of December, with approximately 30 seats and a cosy atmosphere. Large fold-out windows will line the walls, as well as black and white tiles and a sexy new white coffee machine. Customers can enjoy the alfresco window seats, ensuring that the Queenscliff passing parade of walkers, beach-goers, mums with prams, happy zinced-nosed kids, nippers and surfers are all part of the show. 

Everyone involved in creating the space from the builders, designers, coffee roaster ‘Welcome Dose’ and staff have been locally sourced, reflecting The Corner’s emphasis on community. 

Queensie as the locals know it, has a prominent pink symbol painted on the cliff face. As the story goes, back in the 1980’s in the old Coke Classic Surf event days, the Love Heart first appeared. The local board riders had a few surfers make it through to the final day of competition. These were the old days of bitter inter-club rivalry. The night before the final, a few of the local groms went up to the point and painted the words QBC Loves You with the Heart at the center as a sarcastic remark to all the peeps that hated them. 

Now synonymous, every year the love heart gets a fresh coat and the council has given up on trying to remove it. 

“It’s a ‘Queensie’ symbol and everyone loves it, so for us it made sense to include it in our logo design as a connection with the local scene, and we’re creating a new place for the locals to call their own.” Theo says.

The Corner looks to get involved with the Surf Club, Boardriders club and local mental health charities like One Eighty. That’s the plan anyway with a nurturing heart of a barista. “You never know, a simple chat to someone walking past could make a big difference to a person’s day. We will be there doing our best to serve you beautiful coffee, food and a local smile.” •  

73 Collingwood Street, Manly NSW 2095