Team Work Gets Results

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Over the years we have been part of different business groups with many different business coaches because we understand that to succeed, we all need help and we all need to be surrounded by people who know more than us, and who will challenge us to improve.

As our business coach often says, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!”

This is true with everything, even our health and fitness. If you feel you are not getting what you want out of your training, then you need to do something about it and change the room you are in.

Whether this is exercise, business or in everyday life, we need to be surrounding ourselves with the right people. People who will challenge you and who want to see you succeed. At Fitness Boxx, you are surrounded by these people. They are your coaches and your teammates.

Your coaches are there to firstly, assess your lifestyle and guide you through strategies to support healthier choices. We then perform a thorough physical assessment. The information we gain from these assessments, allows us to better understand where we can challenge you and when to pull back, with the goals of improving your movement quality prior to pushing the intensity.

Your teammates will pull you up when you are down; they will challenge you to leave your comfort zone and they will help to make training both fun and rewarding. This fun and social aspect of group training, will help to keep you coming back for more, and it is this consistency that will ultimately help determine your results.  

Get Fitter, Stronger and Leaner with our 4 week Fit and Lean Program

What’s included:

  • Lifestyle Assessment valued at $90
  • Complete Physical Assessment including Fitness Boxx’s Postural, Stability and Strength Testing -valued at $135
  • 4 weeks of access to Semi-Private Training up to 6 days per week - valued at $699
  • Progress session valued at $50
  • Complete Nutrition Education program through our Precision Nutrition Platform - valued at $75

Total Value: $1049

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