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Meet the Bertie Babes

Manly’s new girl in town is a familiar face, first laying down her roots in Freshie. Nowadays, you’ll find Bertie instead on what’s fast becoming a trendy strip of Pittwater Road. COVERED. headed down to the new store to check out the hype.

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The Endless Summer Mindset

It’s officially winter and while the temperatures may be slowly starting to drop, the time for packing away the summer wardrobe hasn’t quite arrived... we’re not sure it ever does here on the Northern Beaches. It might be sub zero outside, but there’s still more than a few rocking thongs and shorts from The Corso to The Newport.

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Storage Style STRESS FREE

Whatever your style; whether you’re a sneaker collector, a denim lover, a tee shirt saver, whether you prefer walk-in or freestanding, open or fitted; IKEA has a wide range of wardrobe choices. COVERED. found out just how much flexibility of choice you have (spoiler, it’s a lot!).

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