Sweet Sensations


Delicate pastries, mouth-watering cakes and tarts and freshly baked croissants, scrolls and cronuts are all hard to go past as they call to you from the display at Criniti’s La Patisserie in Manly.  COVERED. delved into the sweet delights now tempting locals.

Popular Italian Criniti’s is famed for its foot-long pizza and generous pasta portions but the wharf-side restaurant has a sweet new addition to the venue with a team of five pastry chefs creating daily delights to be enjoyed in the café on the sunny side of the venue.

Head pastry chef Conely Durero is leading the sweets revolution determined to put Criniti’s on the map as a sweets supplier, not just for the Criniti’s restaurants but for other restaurants and cafés across Sydney.

“We want to be the leading supplier of pastries, not just for Criniti’s or for the local market but for the bigger market. I want Criniti’s to be a recognised brand for pastries, cakes and desserts,” she enthuses.

Conely was head pastry chef at the Bathers’ Pavilion in Balmoral and at The Boathouse Group, working at the Whale Beach venue, before joining Criniti’s just a few weeks ago.

She was responsible for developing the bakery side of The Boathouse business and establishing a proper pastry production kitchen that now services The Boathouse venues. “I built the team from a small corner at the back of the kitchen to what it is now and I am proud of that,” she adds. As well as baking muffins, cakes, slices, banana bread, gluten free cakes, tarts and raw bars, her team was also responsible for the desserts at events and functions.

Conely also has experience working in top Sydney restaurants creating elaborate and intricate desserts and further developing her arsenal of pastry making and dessert skills. When it comes to Criniti’s, Conely and her team make everything from scratch on a daily basis.

It starts with the morning baking that includes croissants, scrolls and banana breads, among others, moving onto the tarts, cakes, biscuits and cannoli later. The display case is always filled
up early morning.

Positioned at the front of the venue, it lures in even the most resistant with an array of sweet treats that are a delight to the eye and the tastebuds. A towering slice of Tiramisu, a Red Velvet stack adorned with fresh edible flowers, delicate Lemon Meringue tart, Ricotta Slice with Nutella, Cronuts, a Lady Lamington or Vegan Cake and Cannoli as well as traditional Italian sweets and biscuits. There are simply too many temptations to list.

You can sit down, relax and enjoy a coffee and cake in the café that is open from early to late daily and also sells a selection of savoury snacks like pizza slices, mini calzones and sausage rolls. Again, all made from scratch on the premises each day.

Or grab a selection of sweets to be boxed up and taken home and enjoyed. There are also full-sized cakes that can be bought for a special meal or occasion, freshly made each day. Criniti’s has teamed up with Deliveroo so you can order a cake and have it delivered as a special sweet-toothed present or direct from La Patisserie online: www.crinitis.com.au/lapatisserie

So many cakes and so little time. It’s best to visit La Patisserie now and start working your way through the colourful and tantalising selection today.

1/54-68 West Esplanade, Manly  |  www.crinitis.com.au/lapatisserie
02 8026 7700  |  lapatisserie_crinitis