Surfing For Women’s Wellness


With the growing pressure on women in today’s society to be a working woman and also a mother, partner, daughter, friend, and provider, the need for releasing stress and anxiety has never been greater.

Gee Cormak, founder of Chix Surf School on the Northern Beaches, explains why she is offering a very female environment to break the stress cycle, out on the water.

Women’s lives are filled with so much urgency and intensity they are forgetting to slow down
and have a moment that is just for themselves.

But bringing it back to nature and reconnecting with the environment is quickly becoming one of the best ways to de-stress. Sydney’s amazing coastline is helping to draw women back into the water, where they can wash their day away.

“Surfing can challenge people in the most fun way. Early mornings watching the sunrise, paddling onto an untouched wave, gliding across a clear blue wave
with nothing but a smile on your face, is a feeling that is indescribable.

“Using the ocean in all its many forms as a way to exhale all negative emotion, to free your mind of complications and to be able to singularly focus on one rhythmical feeling, allows you to restart, reconnect and find a calm space to start or finish your day,” says Gee.

Chix Surf School is a specialist surf school just for women, that understands how women feel, think, and process emotions. “It teaches women to listen to their bodies and control and isolate different body parts, so that when they re-enter the water they are able to bend and move in time with the wave, which allows the board to connect with the movement
of the water,” Gee explains.

She believes hundreds of women are much more content, confident and have overcome their problems by surfing. “They now know how to de-stress and overcome their problems using the ocean. Through surf sessions, on shore training, surf analysis and surf based exercises, women are progressing and learning in a way that’s enjoyable and rewarding.”

Chix Surf School has helped develop a community of empowered, like-minded women, who support and encourage each other to just get out there and have fun. They have all received the same style of coaching and are able to help each other with their development and progression. 

For more information call Gee on 0407 071 771 or email:

Would you like to join Sydney's only girl surf school?

Chix Surf School’s specialised female surf coaches will allow your first surfing experience to be fun, memorable and leave you wanting more.

The surf school understands women’s needs in the water. Using surf technique, body awareness and ocean education - they allow women to enjoy, learn and progress with their surfing. 

They promise to give you a one of a kind surfing experience that leaves you with a surf stoked smile.

Each lesson includes:

  • Surfboard
  • Wetsuit, Rash Shirt and Sunscreen
  • Professional instruction from experienced female surf coaches.

To book in, head on over to: or call 0407 071 771

Chix Surf School
Northern Beaches of Sydney
0407 071 771