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Lucina and Greg Cooper

Lucina and Greg Cooper

Northern Beaches couple Lucina and Greg Cooper decided to trade their hectic corporate lives for something closer to home with more emphasis on quality of life. When they discovered The Source Bulk Foods franchise they knew they had found what they’d been looking for and opened a store in the Warriewood Square Shopping Centre.

They spoke to COVERED. about their beliefs and how they are managing this new direction.

The decades spent in the corporate world of medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry
for Greg and for Lucina, in marketing and the hectic whirl of catering to three kids, saw the couple with little or no free time. 

Questioning what they really wanted from the life work balance, they decided to consider a new venture that would mean staying closer to their Northern Beaches home in Freshwater.

“As small business owners, it was important for us to choose an opportunity that we really believed in, and we are so excited to have joined the tribe,” says Greg.

Originally from Queensland, the couple moved their family south eight years ago and settled on the peninsula. They first saw a Source store in Balmain and loved the concept, so when the opportunity came to buy into the franchise they leapt at the opportunity.

“Lucina had become very interested in nutrition after her dad had a serious illness and she started investigating what had caused it and began researching gut health and the autoimmune system,” Greg explains.

This led to looking at diet and the impact this has on health with Lucina delving further into kid’s nutrition.

“We wanted to find something that we actually cared about and that we could identify with. It was not just the health issue but also the waste reduction and reuse and recycle approach that we liked,” adds Greg.

He says the family does not just talk the talk but as far as possible, lives the philosophy they promote through their business attempting to ensure zero waste, eating well and they even have native bees.

Greg and Lucina both grew up in the country and he says they care about the environment and how things are grown and this has extended into health.

It was two years from when they decided to embark on the new business until they opened the store which has now been operating for around eight months.

And while it is hard work, they are enjoying the new venture and being close to home and family. “We have a lot of friends who are watching us to see if you really can get out the corporate race and survive,” he laughs. So far, so good. 

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