Sort It Out

 Northern Beaches Council, Recycling Campaign May 2017 - © Karen Watson 2017

Residents on the Northern Beaches are being urged to consider a whole house approach to recycling in a new drive by the council to reduce waste.

Cutting down on what we throw away has never been more of a focus across the developing world than it is now with households on the peninsula being called on to do more.

The Northern Beaches Council has launched a new initiative to encourage people in the area to think about what they can recycle across the entire house – not just in the kitchen.

Council Administrator Dick Persson, says, “Northern Beaches residents are highly committed to preserving the environment but there’s still a need to change behaviours when it comes to managing waste.

“With a small amount of effort we can all throw away less, reduce landfill and give recyclable waste a new life. By looking beyond the kitchen and recycling from every room in their homes, the Northern Beaches community can make a huge difference to reducing landfill. 

“Buying reusable non-plastic shopping bags for the supermarket shopis also a great start.”

The recent national ‘War on Waste’ campaign states that Australian waste is growing at double the rate of the population with 52 million tonnes generated a year and making it the fifth highest in the world for generating the most municipal waste.

Northern Beaches residents recycle more household waste than the average NSW household, 
but around 15 per cent of what is in the average peninsula household red-lidded bin could have been recycled in the blue-lidded paper bin or yellow-lidded container bin.

Sadly these items get buried in landfill, rather than being re-processed and made into new items.

Top Tips To Sort It Out

  • Remember every room counts. Recycle all empty rigid plastic, glass and metal containers, cans and jars from every room, eg. shampoo bottles, takeaway food containers and cans, plus paper and cardboard, like toilet rolls.
  • Sort it out for bin night. Keep separate boxes or bags ready to sort out your recyclables from garbage, or put a box or bag in key rooms to help you separate throughout the week.
  • You can recycle empty aerosol cans in the yellow-lidded bin. Aluminium cans and aerosol cans such as deodorants, are 100% recyclable.
  • Don’t plastic bag it. Recycled containers placed in plastic bags end up landfill. Put empty containers into your bin loose to be recycled.
  • Soft plastics. Don’t go in the recycle bin. Soft ‘scrunchable’ plastics, like plastic bags and packaging, get caught in recycling machines causing delays and damage to machinery. Use reusable bags or dispose of plastic ones in the special recycle bins at local supermarkets.
  • Placing recyclables in the red lid garbage bin means they go in landfill and won’t be recycled. Containers, paper and cardboard can become something new. 

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