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Celebrity trainer Shannan Ponton says spring is the perfect time to take ownership of your health and wellness and,
then if necessary, make the appropriate changes to get the results you want. He tells COVERED. readers how. 

Many people I work with come armed with their own predetermined list of excuses - some bode-fide, some… not so much - in an attempt justify their weight, health, fitness or motivation, well mostly the lack of. The truth is, I’m yet to meet anyone who cannot and does not lose weight and improve their health once they start to eat well and become more active — consistently. 

In most cases, it’s your actions or inaction, that cause health and wellness to deteriorate and only you can change that by putting an end to the excuses. In 27 years as a fitness professional, you can imagine I’ve heard them all.

I have taken the liberty of BUSTING a few of the most common here.

  • I’m too tired to exercise.

  • Exercise gives you energy - period.

  • I haven’t got time to make healthy meals.

There are plenty of fast healthy meals you can prepare in minutes, such as an egg white omelette; tuna tossed with a bag of pre-washed salad; barbecue chicken – skin off - with frozen vegies, steamed or microwaved or on an Aussie BBQ.

I don’t have time to train.
Anybody can make time to train. World leaders fit in some form of exercise — and I reckon they’re probably busier than most people. Whether you take 20 minutes before and after work, or cut your lunchbreak in half and train the rest, do 10 minutes three times a day. That’s 30 mins of life changing exercise, done. But my favourite - reduce the time you waste talking to virtual friends or on social media. Exercise is a win-win for everyone, every time.

I can’t afford it.
It’s the packaged, processed food that racks up the bills, not the fresh fruit and veg, eggs, milk, meat, etc. If you add up the money you spent on takeaway, eating out, coffees, and junk food, you’d soon find that you can easily afford a trolley
of fresh, healthy food. A tin of tuna in spring water costs under $2. As for exercise, walking, running, climbing stairs at your local park, doing body weight exercises like push-ups, lunges and sit-ups are all absolutely free.

I have an injury.
Don’t ignore pain or injury, but be careful not to use ailments as a constant excuse. ‘I can’t do a fun run because I’ve got a sore knee.’ If there’s something really wrong with your knee, you owe it to yourself to fix it. You might need surgery, a physiotherapist, a Pilates or pool program; rehabilitate the problem that’s holding you back.

If it can’t be fixed, find an alternative activity that won’t disturb your injury. You can always find a positive if you look hard enough and have an open heart.

Shannan Ponton
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