It's Selling Season with LJHooker Dee Why


LJ Hooker’s motto is this; “A home is where you make memories. It holds the hopes and dreams of every person who has ever called it home. When the time comes to make new dreams happen, there’s no better agency than LJ Hooker to help make your dreams come true.” 

We all know that the festive season is one of dreams, togetherness and, you guessed it… selling! The team at LJ Hooker Dee Why have the knowledge, passion and customer service skills to ensure you get the results you deserve. There are three main ways you can sell your property. 

Selling by Auction

An auction is a private sale held at a specific place, time and date following a marketing campaign over several weeks. An auction by nature creates urgency as there is a definitive time in which the buyer must act, or risk losing their opportunity to buy the property. 

You, the seller, will know exactly when the sale or settlement will occur, meaning you’re able to plan ahead with your next move. You are also protected by a reserve price. This means your property won’t sell unless bidding reaches a pre-agreed level.

Selling by Private Treaty

This is when you, the homeowner, set the price tag you want to put on the property for sale. Your LJ Hooker real estate agent will advise you on a realistic asking price, and negotiate with the interested parties, to meet your nominated price or as close to it as possible. 

In general, sale by private treaty gives you greater control over the sale, more time to consider offers by potential purchasers and the ability to extend the time the property is listed on the market. Potential purchasers must make offers on your property ‘blind’, without knowing what other buyers are offering.

Sale by Expressions of Interest

This is when you invite buyers to submit their best offer to purchase your property by a specified time and date. Generally your property will be on the market for 4-6 weeks to enable you to promote your property effectively and to ensure ample time is given for buyers to look through the home, finalise their finance and determine the price they are willing to pay.

Expressions of Interest provide you with the benefits of a private treaty sale, without the stress of an auction.

Happy selling! Talk to Christian Ryals from LJ Hooker Dee Why about which method is right for you and your property.

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