Sandcastles Childcare - Brookvale Cuts Fees


A popular childcare centre in Brookvale is doing its best to help local families deal with rising costs in an industry first, by lowering its fees.

In an unprecedented move, Sandcastles Childcare Brookvale announced it is significantly reducing its fees in a bid to support the community in these increasingly expensive times.

While the childcare industry tends to annually raise its rates, Sandcastles Childcare Brookvale Centre Manager Krystelle Schaffer, says her centre is taking the bold step to reduce fees
in order to make childcare more affordable and accessible to families.

 “We appreciate the costs of raising a family, so we are reducing our fees to do our part and say thankyou for the continued support of our local community.

“We have never done this before and it’s unheard of in the industry, however, it’s our way of giving back and growing the sense of community we have here at Sandcastles Childcare Brookvale,” says Ms Schaffer.

The centre is reducing fees by up to $75 per day, with fees changing from $160 per day to $105 per day for those attending 1-2 days, $95 per day for those attending 3-4 days and $85 per day for those attending five days.

“We really do hope these new fees will help our current families and new families, 
who need childcare to be able to access our services and make it more affordable in general,” she adds.

Sandcastles Childcare Brookvale opened in 2013 and boasts large outdoor areas with naturally lit rooms catering for children from birth to six years.

For more information, please visit:

Sandcastles Brookvale
170 Harbord Rd, Brookvale NSW 2096
02 9938 1188