Rubbish Clear-Up at Narrabeen Lagoon


Discarded fishing line, plastics and cigarette butts were found during the first Facebook 2101 Community ‘Narrabeen Lagoon Clean-up’.

A group of 35 locals donned gloves and filled bags at the weekend, in what will be a twice a year event to help keep Narrabeen Lagoon beautiful.

Narrabeen resident organisers, Francesca Dolly and Debra Drummond, said they were very happy with the turnout and about 32 bags of rubbish were collected in total.

There were some particular hot-spots of rubbish that has led to the group asking for the council bin be placed near the water’s edge at the end of Gondola or Nareen Parades - where the highest volume of rubbish was found.  They’ve also asked the council toconsider erecting signs asking visitors to ‘Leave only footprints’.

A team leaders, Brock Day, of Narrabeen, said “Although it’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s a start and a realisation on how much we need to do to make a difference to our environment and safeguard our future generations from being exposed to the effects of this.”

He said it was important the community realised everyone  could make a difference by turning away from buying products that are packaged or are made of plastic.