Revealing Property Potential

 Manfredini Coogee

An awareness of how a home could look is not an easy skill to come by. Neither is it always simple to spot a property’s shortcomings and how these can best be addressed. 

David McCrae from MM+J Architects in Manly, will assist home buyers and owners to consider a home room-by-room. 

Renovation season is always upon us on the Northern Beaches where we dream and plan about what changes we wish to make to our homes to make them brighter, better and often bigger.

Clever styling and home preparation can often disguise what a property is lacking while accentuating its strong points. And when it comes to developing or changing a home, a list of just what is needed where, is essential before forging ahead with a renovation.

“There are so many things to consider when you are buying or planning a renovation and people really need to consider this one room at a time,“ explains David McCrae from MM+J Architects.

STORAGE – Is there sufficient storage in the bedrooms, the bathrooms, kitchen and throughout the house?

  • Can each bedroom fit a double bed or Queen bed?
  • Make sure you have a shower where toiletries can be easily stored.
  • A separate toilet is often a good idea especially in a family home.

KITCHENS – Benchtops should be at least 650cm deep. Fridges concealed in the joinery offer a sleeker and more contemporary finish. Consider the effective use of a microwave and where it should be ideally positioned – below, above or at bench height.

LIGHTING – Not just the type of lights you install but also where the natural light comes from and how much there is throughout the house.

INSULATION – Is there sufficient insulation between rooms in walls, floors and ceilings. How soundproof is the house?

GREEN CONSIDERATIONS – Is there solar panelling and are there other green energy efficiency measures? Is there a rainwater tank and what can the water be used for?

CARPARKING – Is there space to park and if not how can this be achieved? Will parking be convenient?

OUTDOOR SPACES – Do the front and back yards work the way you want them to? Are there areas for play, entertaining or for leisure?

David can accompany people considering a purchase to see how they would live in the property or look at potential alterations that could be made. 

“A lot of people don’t do the analysis about what they can and cannot do to a property and what the council may and may not allow. We may consider a house room by room whether it is one you are thinking of buying or your existing home, and suggest what can be done knowing what the council will allow,” explains David.

MM+J has worked on a number of residential properties on the Northern Beaches and beyond to maximise potential and are experts at navigating council regulations and compliance issues. 

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