Pay-cation - Let Your Home Pay For Your Holiday

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Summer is on the way with thousands of tourists flocking to the Northern Beaches to soak up the beach lifestyle, and needing somewhere to stay.

COVERED. spoke to Property Providers about how they can put your unoccupied home to good use. 

Renting out your biggest asset and harnessing the capacity of your home to fund your holiday is an opportunity not to be missed “There is no point in your home being empty while you are not using it,” says Don Binkley, owner of Property Providers.

He is keen to help you find suitable guests willing to pay top dollar to enjoy a short stay on the beautiful Northern Beaches.

“We are your property partner and I think there’s a big difference between a pedestrian franchise set up for high volume, and what we do. We are blending boutique property management with luxury property rental. It is a very different service,” Don adds.

He appreciates that the intricacies of organising your Northern Beaches or lower North Shore property to be rental ready, knowing the rules and regulations, and finding a suitable guest, can be a major hurdle to renting your home.

But with potential renters already on the lookout for seasonal holiday lets in the area, Property Providers can manage the process and let your home earn you money while you enjoy your time away.

They have executed more than 4,000 bookings and ensure their guests are carefully vetted, of a high caliber and respectful. In turn, the homes they take on to rent, are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. “We have premium guests wanting to book premium properties,” explains Don.


Property Providers offers a variety of rental models and can takeover as much or as little of the rental process. “If you want us to just find a guest and then pass the customer back to you, we can do that. Or we can offer a full turnkey service,” he says.

They offer a full end-to-end management where they do everything from supplying the sheets, to organizing the booking, marketing, finance, legal, property management and housekeeping operations. Or they can simply act as a booking service, taking care of the booking and marketing then passing the customer back to the owner to manage directly.

“People want to be involved in their properties to different levels and we respect that. We deliver better outcomes because this is what we do every day,” adds Don.

“A pedestrian agency might put your property up on Real Estate and Domain but that is hugely limiting. It’s a big world out there and people need to look further than the Australian market,” says Don.

Potential short-term renters are not just holiday guests but can include locals needing a home away from home, international corporate clients who are relocating, people going through a divorce, clients who are between buying and selling homes plus those involved with renovations and insurance claims. “Our average booking is just under a month, so these are really ‘extended stays’”, explains Don.


Putting your home up for rental is not necessarily an easy process and requires adherence to legislation and an understanding of specific procedures.

Don explains, “There are raft of legal and regulatory factors that you need to consider which Property Providers is across and can help you with. Short-term rentals are far more complex than normal tenancies. This is property management on steroids, call us to avoid making costly mistakes.” 

Property Providers is keen to take on more high quality rental homes and help owners on the Northern Beaches and North Shore earn from their empty properties. For more information call today 9969 7599.

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