Pilates Amped


Targeting specific muscle groups and working up a sweat – COVERED. tried a Pop Power circuit class and felt the effects the day after.

If you thought a Pop Power Circuit class involved mostly lying on your back while concentrating on your abdominal muscles – you would be wrong.

This new pilates circuit class at Pop Up Pilates combines the concentrated movement of a traditional pilates class, using an array of equipment, with cardio bursts to get your heart pumping.

Kathryn Bannon-Reeves, a qualified pilates instructor and former dancer, wanted to ensure clients could get a cardio workout and burn calories as well as build strength and realign the body.

“After the birth of my baby my body was shattered. I needed to focus on regaining my strength, losing weight and feeling at my best again. I combined Pilates with some strength and cardio training and then quickly noticed a change within how my body felt. A Pop Power circuit class is based on the principles of Pilates but then it is amped,” she explains.

The class circuit varies each week and involves equipment like the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair, the Spine Corrector and Barre – it certainly feels like every muscle is given a thorough workout and the use of the Rower and Step provides the cardio element pushing the heart rate up.

The one-hour class takes a maximum of four people, so Kathryn is able to give each client her attention and ensure they are doing the exercises effectively. In essence, they are given a program tailored to their individual needs.

“As there is a maximum of four people in a class, the program can be tailored to individual needs and goals. In every class I ensure the spine has been moved in each direction while targeting those glutes, arms and abs too,” she adds.

While many of Kathryn’s clients are women in their 30s, many who have had children or are still having children, she also has a number of older female clients, a core of younger women and growing numbers of men attending classes.

In addition to the Pop Power Circuit classes, there are Pop Privates, Mums and Bubs classes and pregnant women can attend all classes. There is a special Post Natal Package available and all classes are held at the studio at 3/384 Pittwater Road, North Manly, Inside Maitri Fitness Studio. 

Pop Up Pilates
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