Off-Leash Dog Ban Lifted


Dogs can run free at Manly Lagoon this weekend after an off-leash ban was overturned.

The Northern Beaches Council has rescinded a weekend and public holiday ban on the off-leash exercising of dogs at part of the lagoon park.

Former Council Administrator Dick Persson put the ban in place in August but the newly-elected council unanimously voted to overturn this.

Mayor Michael Regan said, “Council recognises both the benefits of unleashed dog exercise areas to community well-being and the importance of managing impacts on the amenity of nearby residents and other park users.

“With an estimated 42,000 dogs living on the Northern Beaches, council also resolved to further examine the issue of how ‘dog parks’ successfully operate elsewhere in Australia and overseas, looking at what improvements can be made on the Northern Beaches in providing facilities for dogs and their families.”

The council has allocated $400,000 over the next four years to upgrade dog exercise areas and will also undertake community education and training for dog owners and, where necessary, take appropriate action to deal with nuisance caused by barking dogs.