Will the festive season leave your kitchen looking a bit worse for wear? Let Collaroy Kitchen Centre revamp the heart of your home, helping you start afresh in 2019. 

New Year’s resolutions have a bit of a reputation – grand, sweeping, overly hopeful and ultimately unrealistic. Luckily, if home renovations are on the top of your 2019 to-do list, Collaroy Kitchen Centre is here to help. 

The team of architects, craftsmen and builders are at your beck and call, using their endless experience and expertise to turn your dream kitchen, benchtop, cabinet, flooring or bathroom into a reality. But although there are countless ways to design an ideal kitchen, the Collaroy Kitchen Centre knows that there are a few vital principles that differentiate the stock-standard spaces from the inspiring, elegant and timeless showpieces. 

The first step in creating your new kitchen is planning, which is much more exciting than it sounds. Collaroy Kitchen Centre advises using software to create a digital 3D version of your renovations, so that your custom kitchen advisor knows exactly what you want.

Ensure that your allocated space is used wisely, allowing room for multiple chefs and intrigued onlookers. Preferably, there should be a couple of food preparation spaces, all organised around suitable kitchen appliances, doors and drawers. Ergonomics are also key in the success in your kitchen. Collaroy Kitchen Centre suggests creating a space where a smooth workflow is possible, allowing passionate chefs and amateur cooks alike to switch from chopping to frying to cleaning without breaking a sweat. 

The foundation of any kitchen is the bench, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Another Collaroy Kitchen Centre’s principle is that the bench’s style will make or break the entire room. Launch your way into the new year with an Island, U-shaped or Gallery kitchen, paired with a beautiful bench top material. We suggest quartz, for a robust, stain and scratch resistant surface that will make your kitchen sparkle, literally.

The last unspoken principle of a good kitchen is that it shouldn’t break the bank. After all, there’s no point in having a space to cook if you can’t afford the food anymore!
Luckily, Collaroy Kitchen Centre is affordable and accessible, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre to start creating your dream kitchen today. This is one New Year’s resolution that is easy to stick to.