New Year New Possibilities


Happy begins the moment you decide to be yourself and the star of your galaxy. Five local experts share how to unzip your feel good.

While you’re full of festive highs it’s the perfect time to imagine what could happen if you changed your thinking, tried new things, acted on your inspiration and set about aligning with your authentic self.

We hope the holidays are a time of peace, love and harmony, but they often trigger grief, sadness, fear, loneliness, stress and more. Yet the holiday period can also give you the time and space to do things differently.

Feeling good about yourself and loving yourself despite the twists and turns of your story, is a really brave thing to do. One of the tasks in life is finding joy and contentment in the ordinary – images on social media and pressure from family and friends, can make this challenging.

Attend to unfinished business, whatever it is. Make your peace, forgive and then let it go once and for all. Holding onto the past, stops you from getting where you want to go, and if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. One day your passion will burn brighter than your fear.

New Year is the ideal time to step away from the smartphone and take back the power. With slow time on your hands you can be honest about what gets you groovy and focus on it. Does your routine need to change to support your wellbeing? Do you need to update your thinking, eating or self care?

Work less, say no and don’t put off decisions; it’s OK to quit when something’s not working, shift gears and focus your energy on something new. It means you are giving priority to what really matters to you.

It only takes small changes to prioritise your wellbeing and find the blend of what fulfils you. That’s when you really start living your life authentically; and because you’re living with meaning, you’re happier, proud and your good vibes shine out of every part of you.

Meet The Experts
On the first Tuesday of every month at Desire Books Manly, meet local Wellness and Spirituality experts sharing everything healing, wellness and spiritual. It's about igniting connection and conversation to create the community we want to live in. Engaging speakers backed by an enlightening panel and a showcase of local wellness products. Seating limited to 30. Buy a ticket in person or online from
For more information visit:

Jo’s Herbadashery
Shop 4, 3 Whistler St, Manly  |  Ph: 0404 837 473
If you’re aiming to reset your wellbeing, pop in and see me for an individualised herbal formula. I use adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola and withania to increase your resilience, reduce overwhelm and improve sleep quality. Herbal bitters can be delicious and are a gentle way to improve all aspects of your digestion and support healthier eating. Whatever your resolution, herbs can help support your goals and I offer a free over-the-counter consultation.


Walk and Talk Counselling
Shop 4, 3 Whistler St, Manly  |  Ph: 0421 063 456  
Walking in nature curtails ruminating thoughts and triggers the brain to produce fresh, new insights. Meet Martine for a Walk and Talk session anywhere on the Northern Beaches to get a new perspective on your life and restore your natural equilibrium. Walk and Talk Cards are also available and can be used for resolving emotional issues or to simply enhance a walk with a friend.

Manly Beach Beauty
Shop 8, 18 Whistler St, Manly (Enter via Market Ln)  |  Ph: 0430 196 498
Let me share my knowledge and enthusiasm for skin care and you’ll look good and feel fabulous. I have over ten years’ experience as a dermal therapist and offer a high level of client care. I have expertise in anti-ageing treatments and resolving difficult conditions like rosacea. Treatments are personally tailored to suit using nature-based products.


Mark Hales Counselling and Psychotherapy
Suite 7, Building 3, 33 North Head Scenic Dr, Manly  |  Ph: 0403 696 075
Instead of self-criticism and ‘shoulds’, try self-compassion and giving yourself options. You don’t have to be bound by your past, experiment with using language that supports your true self and watch as your focus shifts from FOMO to self-nurturing. There’s never a bad time to try a new behaviour, especially when it affirms your growth and allows your passion to burn bright.

Traditional Hawaiian Healing & Massage
Suite 7, Building 3, 33 North Head Scenic Dr, Manly  |  Ph: 0417 411 465
Our Ancestral Teachings of 51 Generations say 100% happy is possible. Hawaiian Massage, Ho’oponopono, Spiritual Healing – it’s all about finding and releasing pohaku - or baggage - that weighs you down. We’re taught to build ourselves a strong foundation of Aloha first. Aloha is unconditional love and all healing is ultimately a journey into unconditional self-love. We call it Ke Ola - life, health, wellbeing - traditional Hawaiian healing which is powerful, profound and deeply spiritually healing.