Natural Warmth

Most of us by now are feeling the need to add some layers to the bed for winter warmth. ecodownunder suggests adding some cosy natural fibres to your bed instead of turning up the heating.

Australia is recognised around the world for the quality of the wool it produces. Naturally, Ecodownunder chooses 100% Australian owned and grown wool for its winter bedding range. 

This includes wool underblankets, winter wool quilts and alpaca throws. In fact, the company is committed to supplying a full range of bedding made from natural fibres to see you through the cooler months.

“Using wool to sleep on and under is insulating, helping to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Top a woollen underblanket with cotton flannelette sheets to add immediate warmth. 

“Then the fun begins, as you add layers using quilts, coverlets and throws with different patterns, textures and colours to make your room inviting and cosy,” explains Beverley Tilbury
from Ecodownunder.

Best for Bedding
Wool is often associated with winter and colder climates but its natural qualities make it perfect throughout the year. The natural structure allows it to absorb and release water vapour into the air without leaving dampness in the process. 

This means it absorbs perspiration, keeping a layer of dry air next to the skin which keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also flame resistant and has anti-microbial properties as it absorbs and wicks perspiration. This also means dust mites are not a fan and wool is not known to cause allergies.

To cap it all off, wool is environmentally sustainable – what more could you ask for. So pop into ecodownunder to choose natural warmth and comfort from the extensive and affordable range on offer.


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