Mind & body apps


Get 10 days for free, with daily meditations and push notification reminders to be that little bit more present. If you like what you see, you can pay for a subscription to access meditations specifically for things like creativity, stress, family, self-love, and the list goes on… it’s well worth the money. Available on iOS and Android.


A collaboration of writers, therapists and creatives, this app uses cognitive behavioural therapy to challenge your harmful thinking patterns, right at the root. Perfect for depression and anxiety sufferers, but also anyone who’s wanting to increase their self-awareness, and learn what story they’re telling themselves. Available on iOS and Android.


Look… you’re not going to like this one, ‘cause it’s an unflinching, incredibly truthful app. Moment tracks your phone usage, right down to the minute each day. You can even set alarms to force you off your phone once you’re over your daily limit. Once you get over the initial shock of realising you’re scrolling for something like five hours and twenty minutes each day, you’ll see the silver lining: the only way to go is up. SaveMyTime is an alternative for Android.


Getting some good shut-eye is the simplest, best way to ensure you’re ready to go physically and mentally, the next day. Sleep’s been scientifically proven to affect your mood, so an app like SleepCycle is a great way to understand your own sleep quality and trends. It has a library of lulling sleep sounds and alarms to choose from, so getting up and going to bed feels like
a much smoother process. Available on iOS and Android.