Mental Health


Recognising the importance of Mental Health and looking at the most vulnerable sections of society are some of the focus points for Mental Health Month in NSW this October.

COVERED. speaks to charities, support groups and health organisations involved with the issues and the drive to heighten awareness.

Across the Northern Beaches and beyond, there are real concerns about the state of mental health in both young and old.

Now a series of events and campaigns are being held across the area, state, country and even worldwide, to try and further highlight mental health issues and promote why connecting with others is important for our health and survival. 

Research says that feeling connected, valued and loved by others gives people a sense of security, support, purpose and happiness. 

“Close connections and good relationships with others allows us to enjoy the good times in our lives and helps us deal with the hard experiences we face. This is important for all of us.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society, we have many demands on our attention and time, and more people experience loneliness in Australia than ever before,” concludes research from Mental Health Month.