Manly’s Answer to Bustling Bangkok


No matter how fancy a restaurant looks, the food makes or breaks the venue.
Manly Thai Gourmet is living proof that good Thai food is made with love, not necessarily in an ornate kitchen.

From its arcade spot in Manly, this well established restaurant boasts arguably some of the best Thai food on the beaches. Its focus on quality makes Manly Thai Gourmet a foodie favourite, with a strong customer base of loyal locals and visitors who’ve simply made the delightful discovery of this Manly gem. This bustling eatery is always busy, as it offers restaurant quality Thai at cafe prices.

The owners, Sam and Nat, studied food and hospitality in their native Thailand for three years. In 2008, they teamed up to open Manly Thai Gourmet. Ten years on, the venue continues to bring fresh and creative dishes to their customers, fusing Thai and Aussie cuisine together in a storm of exciting flavours and favourites. 

Nat, the chef, goes to fresh-food markets daily to select the best and freshest meat, fruits and vegetables to go into their traditional and his own creative dishes. He personally seeks out Thai herbs and spices from Sydney’s ‘Thai-town’ outlets and brings new flavours to all his recipes.

For the chef’s specials, Nat whips up a medley of ingredients into final dishes that are yours for the tasting. From the banana flower salad to the heavenly beef, and the mango duck to the herbal barramundi, you’ll be delighted by the surprising combinations of flavour in these daring dishes. 

Manly Thai Gourmet is known for putting a twist on the classics. Personally, we’d recommend the oyster mushroom stir-fry or crispy noodle coconut chicken salad, with its green mango and roasted coconut. 

Of course for those who love what they know and know what they love, Manly Thai Gourmet has you covered too. There are all the favourites on the menu, which despite being simple staples, shine just as brightly as their more experimental counterparts. The crispy prawn rolls are a great extension to the traditional spring rolls, and are sold as individual pieces, though it’s not a bad idea to order a plate full. The Penang Curry and Massaman Curry are two of their ever-popular dishes, both hearty and filling.

Skipping dessert at Manly Thai Gourmet is a huge mistake. The menu offering is small but a perfect finish to your meal. The Mango Sticky Rice is drowned in a creamy coconut sauce over a freshly chopped mango, any day of the year, and the rice is cooked to absolute perfection. 

Sounds mouthwatering, right? Book today.

Manly Thai Gourmet
Shop 6, 4 /10 Sydney Rd, Manly
02 9977 0990
Open: Mon-Sun: 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–9:30pm