Revamp your Kitchen with Collaroy Kitchen Centre

It’s the time of year when Christmas is looming and entertaining is about to get high on the agenda as we enter the silly season. If your next thought is how much your kitchen needs a makeover or revamp – contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre now and book in a pre-Christmas kitchen or make a start for early next year.

The heart of the home, a well designed kitchen can provide the perfect balance to how you live and flow through your home life. But it’s no longer enough for a kitchen to be merely functional, open-plan living demands it is also aesthetically pleasing and a welcome design addition.

The festive season is when friends and families gather to enjoy time together, meals, BBQs and drinks. Collaroy Kitchen Centre can book you in now for a new kitchen to meet these social demands.

Always up-to-date with the very latest kitchen trends, the team at Collaroy Kitchen Centre can redesign your existing space or help carve out a design from scratch. They have knowledge about the most up-to-date products, styles and designs and can answer all your kitchen queries.

The minimal kitchen that is low on clutter with plenty of storage space and sleek stone countertops, is a favourite on the Northern Beaches as elsewhere. But householders also want functionality.

This can include appliances being close to key cupboard spaces, cabinets that are easy to clean and stove tops and ovens that are efficient and easy to use. Some other factors creeping into designs are additional recycling and waste areas and space for entertaining.

Greater transparency in some appliances that makes chilled food and other provisions more visible and easier to access – is another increasingly popular feature. Plus, creating areas where you can grow herbs and house plants to add life to the kitchen.

Collaroy Kitchen Centre can cater for all these elements as well as advise you on how to maximise your space and ensure the kitchen is the central showpiece of your home.

Whether you like sleek minimalism, rustic country styles or a mix of elements, they are the experts on how to get the best look and finish and can organise the project from start to finish.

Designers are claiming that darker timbers and new accent colours will be seen in kitchen designs next year. Let Collaroy Kitchen Centre staff guide you through the myriad of choices to ensure you get the design and kitchen that is right for you and will stand the test of time. For a stress free kitchen renovation, contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre today.