Introducing our COVERED. Social cover creators... Kayapa!

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 2.17.39 pm.png

The creative team at Kayapa in Brookvale, are the genius behind the fantastic cover shot for this edition. Kayapa is a creative studio devoted to art and design projects, illustration, videos and photography.

Created by Miguel in tandem with Gabby in 2013, to join talents from different disciplines to do collaborative work. Kayapa seeks to connect people and art, create awareness and transform your needs into a unique, visual experience that connects with your audience. “Our team is highly skilled in graphic and architectural design, illustration, muralism, photography, videography and visual arts. This without counting a network of incredible collaborators in those and other disciplines. We believe in collaboration. Hence our name Kayapa which by tradition of the Venezuelan indigenous, is used to define the process in which the members of the community work together driven by a common need or purpose,” explains Miguel.

Kayapa work includes: Art and Design Projects – using art, muralism and live painting to create more contemporary and inspiring places for residential, commercial or public use.

Content Creation – videos and photographic content creation for websites and social media network.

Illustration & Graphic Design – character design, concept art, 2D and 3D illustration and graphic design help build your brand personality.

Their motto is “enjoy the process”. Their headquarters are La Crème Creative Inc. in Brookvale. Contact at, or on instagram at @kayapacs.