World Surfing Champ Joel Parkinson came to Manly for the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro 2018


Hello Manly brought World Surfing Champ Joel Parkinson to Mantown for the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro 2018

What did Joel have to say about Manly?

Hello Manly: Thanks for coming to Manly for the Vissla Surf Pro Event. What do you like about this area?

HM: Have you and your wife Monica and the three kids been to Manly before?

J: Yes, Manly is our favourite spot to stay when we come to Sydney, we love it. The kids love how close everything is here in Manly and around The Corso. They can grab an Ice-cream or Frozen Yoghurt after a swim and cruise around very easily. Monica loves the coastal vibe and generally hits the clothing stores during her stay. God help my Credit Card. 

HM: What do you like to do as a family when it comes to being outdoors in Manly?

J: The kids love to go for a bike ride, which is something we generally do as a family. We often hire bikes and cruise along the beach front down to Shelly Beach and stop in at The Boathouse for a feed and a coffee. Also kayaking, SUP-ing, snorkelling and being on their skaties.

HM: Where is your favourite spot
to have a late arvo beer in Manly?

J: Wharf Bar, Hugos and Bavarian are always good for a sundowner. Manly sunsets are pretty cool over the harbour side, and the kids can run around on
the beach, and watch the penguins
come in at night.

HM: Manly has an amazing range of cafés to choose from. What’s top of your list?

J: Brekkie is always by the beach as a surf check is high on my agenda in the AM, then lunch we generally opt for a healthier option like Barefoot Bowls or Dolce Terra.

Images by  @manlyaustralia

Images by @manlyaustralia

HM: What’s your favourite surfing spots on the Northern Beaches?

J: Northern end at Queensie is always on the top of my list, or if the swell works – Deadmans.

HM: You’ve competed in the Australian Open of Surfing, is it great to see the continued support of the Surfing World for Manly as a destination?

J: Yeah absolutely, it’s awesome. There are many coastal towns and surfing spots that just don’t have what Manly has to offer. You guys have a great range of restaurants and cafés and plenty of things to do without losing your relaxed coastal vibe. Some places just don’t have the same cool feeling and you guys are so lucky to have an awesome beach and a harbour beach. So much fun to be had!

HM: You seem to be a real family man. How has having two beautiful daughters changed you?  

J: Girls are so much more caring and in touch with who they are, and they bring out a softer side in you. Regardless of boys or girls, I had kids when I was young and having kids and being on tour so young, it calmed me down a bit. I had more purpose in my life.

HM: Your son Mahli is now surfing too, you must love it that he has a passion for the ocean too?

J: Yes Mahli has just started surfing and he’s all over it, waking me up every morning to go and surf.

HM: What’s your top five favourite things to do in Manly?

1. The kids love the Manly ferry,
iconic ride.

2. Stretch out after a surf at Power Living yoga.

3. Pop into Billabong and say ‘Hi’
to all my support crew.

4. Explore the streets and laneways, there’s always something new
to discover.

5. Smash a cheese plate from Artisan Cheese Room with my missus.•


Photography: @manlyaustralia