Inspiring Relationships


Relationships… we all want them, but very few successful men have actually figured out how to, not only sustain them but wake up loving their best friend, partner and confidant every day. 

Northern Beaches relationship expert and certified results coach Jürgen Schmechel, tells COVERED. how he is making a difference.

No matter how many ‘things’, accolades, money or awards you’ve accumulated – nothing compares to coming home to a loving and supportive partner, who you can share anything with especially moments of time you’ll never replace.

Thousands of men across the Northern Beaches are fearing for their relationship. They don’t know how to cope with all the pressure from job, mortgage, peers and kids. With all that pressure building, something has to give and it is more often than not the relationship to their partner. 

The statistics are devastating with more than 40% of all marriages ending in divorce after an average of just 8.5 years. Around 50% of all children are involved in at least one divorce while growing up and 70% of all divorces with children have at least one child being younger than two years old.

Jürgen, who has been happily married for 24 years, believes it doesn’t have to be this way. He successfully managed to run his own consulting business, raise two beautiful boys, settle into living in Australia and still maintain an outstanding relationship with his wife. After seeing so many marriages deteriorating all around him, he decided to coach and mentor men to find a solution and re-focus and re-connect with their spouse.

Jürgen’s mission is to inspire men to stay in loving, intimate and respectful relationships with a ripple on effect to their children and
the community.


  • Have regular date nights: Reignite the spark by going out with your partner.
  • Talk about money: You are a team. Talk about money – don’t take all the burden on your shoulders alone.
  • Your anniversaries: Instead of ‘here’s to another year’ surprise your spouse. You both will remember those events for the rest of your lives.
  • Go out in nature alone: Come to your senses, ground yourself. You need to disconnect so you can actually deepen your connection.
  • Keep talking: Have a cup of tea together when you come home from work. Turn off the TV and take time to listen to your spouse.