Help Yourself Heal


Aches and pains, back problems, hip and knee issues can all have us heading to the chiropractor. But just how many sessions it may require and how to maximise the treatment, is something of an unknown quantity.

Georgie Smith from Hands On Healthcare Clinic, in Balgowlah, outlines for COVERED. what to expect.

The injury or issue will determine how many appointments are required and this can be different for each person depending on their age, health and the severity of the problem.

Georgie explains the healing takes place in three phases.

1. Acute inflammatory phase
In the first 72 hours of your injury. Fibroblasts are attracted to the injury creating inflammation. Ice is best at this stage.

2.    Phase of Regeneration
This lasts about six to eight weeks and is when most people receive regular treatment for their injuries. All pain symptoms usually subside during this phase and range of motion increases. The disruption to the injured tissue is 90% restored by new collagen fibres. It is very easy to re-aggravate the injury during this phase.

3.    Phase of remodeling and strengthening
New collagen fibres, that the body laid down in a random pattern, will be remodeled into the direction of stress and strain. This pulls the fibres to being more parallel with each other, closely resembling the original tissue. This phase takes about one year and is when the tissues regain health, strength and alignment. The remodelling phase is a direct effect of motion. Chiropractic treatment puts motion into the joints and tissues helping the fibres to line up, creating stronger more elastic tissues. 

“It is important to continue monthly chiropractic care during this phase. As well as continuing to complete your rehabilitation stretches and exercises,” explains Georgie.

When it comes to getting the most out of your appointments, Georgie advises walking around for 10-15 minutes to let your body settle and avoiding any strenuous tasks for 24 hours. 
She says you should drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your body and aid your recovery and you should not carry anything heavy on one shoulder to stop imbalances. “Always try to avoid slouching or lying on the lounge after a treatment, and using too many pillows in your bed,” adds Georgie.

Patients can feel tired, stiff, achy, invigorated or energised after a treatment. These are all signs that the body is starting to heal itself. Some people experience headaches.

Anyone feeling uncertain or worried is asked to call the clinic immediately on 99493017. 

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