Cover Shot: Haydn Lewis Designs


Local custom board shaper Haydn Lewis from Haydn Lewis Designs features on our cover this month; COVERED. sat down with Haydn to find out about what drives him, where his inspiration comes from, and where he’s going next.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from anyone who is passionate about surfing. I connect with experienced surfers who are performing at a high level and constantly wanting to fine tune their equipment. I’m also inspired by someone just starting out and looking to take the next step.

Are your board categories all different extensions of the same idea or style?

Or do you find that each type of board is a new way of experimenting? My board categories are specifically designed for a certain level of surfing and wave. Some have evolved from earlier models so they are somewhat of a design extension. I love experimenting with fresh ideas then making a prototype board to ride which then enables me to dial the design in for maximum performance.

What makes a Haydn Lewis board, a Haydn Lewis board? What’s your unique style?

I shape every board myself so they have evolved into my own unique style. A Haydn Lewis Design is personally shaped by me. The majority of my boards are custom made which enables the surfer and I to work together to create the right board for them.

What’s the coolest board you’ve ever produced and why?

I recently helped my daughter build a scaled down shortboard out of scraps and offcuts for a school project. The process was exactly the same as you would do for a normal board which you would surf. It even had mini removable fibreglass fins. The end result was pretty cool.

You’ve worked with some world-class shapers - who are they and what was that like for you?

Three main influences are Webber, Merrick and Simon Anderson. I have taken design and shaping skills from all of them which has really motivated and helped me get to this point, I’m extremely grateful for this. Luke Short is another successful shaper who was a great help for my career. He was someone I had a lot in common with and found easy to relate to within the industry. We both started out in carpentry apprenticeships before working for the same three shapers.

#TheBestSurferIsTheOneHavingTheMostFun is your signature hashtag on Instagram... where did that come from? Is that something you live by?

I went through a core traditional longboard period when I was younger. It’s a hashtag that I abbreviated from a quote by a 1960’s Californian longboard legend called Phil Edwards: “the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”. I agree with what he said.

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

I’m going to continue to focus on my custom boards and working more closely with surfers on designs which will be key to growing my label. Improvements to more environmentally friendly manufacturing materials is inevitable so I hope this will eventually be standard for all board builders. In the meantime, I’m really keen to

explore the current options available. •

Contact Haydn:

Phone: 0414 426 291


Onboard Store: 4/76 Darley Street

Mona Vale NSW 2103