Grom Of The South

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Name: Axel Rose-Curotta  
Age: 14-years-old
School or College: St. Paul’s College, Manly

How old were you when you caught your first wave? Around two-years-old.

What got you into surfing? Well my whole family surf and I live right on the beach basically and I love the water.

Who else in your family surfs? My older sister, my dad and my mum use to bodyboard.
What’s your favourite break on the Northern Beaches – and elsewhere? Definitely Jeffrey’s Bay, North Steyne, Winki, Whaley wedge, Raglan, Aussie Pipe, Box Head… The list just goes on haha.

What board are you riding? I am riding a 5’2 Gunther Rohn Surfboards. (I think it’s the best in the business.)

Any sponsors? Quiksilver, Creatures of Leisure, Zeal Optics, The Amigo Towel, Manly Surf School and Gunther Rohn Surfboards.

Do you ride for a club? I ride for North Steyne Boardriders.

Do you compete – in what – how are you doing? I compete in a lot of comps in Australia and some overseas. I mostly do the Surfaramas, Ripcurl Gromsearch and my favourite was the Grom comp for the Australian Open of Surfing because it was at my local beach and I could walk to it. I started to do well in comps at the start of last year. I recently won the Surfarama Series which was my goal for the year.

Natural or goofy? Natural.

What’s your surfing goal – short term and/or long term? Short term, I’m starting to do pro juniors and doing well in them. Long term would be doing the QS and hopefully making the world tour.

Your favourite surf spot ever? Secret spot down the south coast or Jeffrey’s Bay.
Biggest wave you’ve ridden and where? I think it was about 8 to 10 foot?! I can’t really remember it was either at North Steyne at the beginning of 2017 or at Raglan in New Zealand about three years back.

Scariest surfing moment? My scariest moment would be this time my dad and I checked North Steyne and I only looked at it during a lull in the waves, so Dad and I paddled out. I caught one wave, Dad was on the next one, then all of a sudden this sucky dredging 6-footer landed on my head and Dad was yelling at me to relax and I was only 10 at the time. I went under and started freaking out, thinking I was going to die, then I popped up struggling to breathe with dad laughing at me. Moral of the story - never panic - haha.

Favourite sports person you look up to? Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores, Mikey Wright, Matt Wilko. Also people from my area like my dad, Ben Penny, Jamie Krups, Dayyan Neve and Blake Levett.

Will you always surf? 100% no questions about it.

Would you like to make a career in surfing? For sure. When I was in Jeffrey’s Bay when the CT comp was on, I realised how much fun they all have and how cool it is.

Any advice for younger groms? Probably to surf with mates. Because we all push each other to go big. That’s probably the best thing to do if you want to get better. Just surf with mates because that’s how you improve. And just have fun and go big