G.J. Gardner has the Man for the Job

Marc Lawler is the Construction Manager of the team at GJ Gardner Homes, in Brookvale. He offers COVERED. readers an insight into his role and explains why they are the obvious home building choice on the beaches.

How long have you worked at GJ Gardner? I have been married to the job for five years now and take care of our entire portfolio of work which spans the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

What did you do before and what attracted you to the company? I was working for myself constructing new homes and doing renovations. The time came where I had to get off the tools. This job allows me to appease the construction side of my brain but from a project management point of view. 

Describe a typical day. There is no such thing. When I head to the office in the morning, I almost never know where the day is going to take me. We have 30 building sites with hundreds of trades working across them all, so there is no limit to the questions I could be asked in a day and where those questions could take me.

What does the company do that puts it above others? Our fully customised approach and family business mentality is pretty special. I think the clients love what we deliver and how we deliver it because of the personalised approach that we take. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Who are your clients and where are they from? To put it simply, our clients are my peers and friends.
I understand what they want because it is what I would want in my house too. We are local and we pride ourselves on employing locals to build houses for locals.

What’s the best and worst parts of the job? Having a beer with the clients after we have delivered their dream home to them is the best part, nothing beats that. Then, is my boss going to read this article? Nah just kidding – it’s never fun when things don’t go to plan, but there is always a solution - we just have to find out the best way forward.

What types of projects do you have on the Northern Beaches? We are renowned for a ‘Hamptons’ style of home, which suits the coastal Northern Beaches lifestyle. However, we do a lot of modern homes too which may even be my favourite style.

How do you keep the homes looking different and individual? Our blocks that we build on are all so unique, so we could never do the same thing twice. Even so, I would never agree to build the same home multiple times. Everyone brings their own flavour to the design of the house and it is my job to make sure that it is reflected in the execution of the home. You can always feel the client’s personality in the finished product and that is something I am proud of.

What do your designs excel in - utilising space? Adapting to difficult sites? We are very educated in what works and what doesn’t - the owner of the business is a builder by trade and he thinks much the same way
I do about the functionality of a home. The best rule is to maximise street appeal, size and usable space with the design that best suits the block. I am not going to give my best tricks away, but there certainly is an art to it.

Do you feel you can offer advice tailored to clients on the Northern Beaches? Of course. I grew up in Narrabeen, went to Narrabeen Sports High. I surf the beaches, know the best coffee
spots and the best places to have a beer. I know the area like the back of my hand, and I know how to make that quintessential Northern Beaches essence shine through on any block.

What are the benefits to using GJ Gardner Homes? We are able to build a home for less than any sole builder, due to our national supply deals, which means that we are priced fairly, with quality materials and workmanship. I don’t think that you could ask for more than that! 


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