Style, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Wellness

There is no doubt that we live in a pressurised world when it comes to looking and feeling the best. Style, fashion and beauty are inevitably wrapped up in what was once the simple business of exercising. With forty years fitness experience, Jill Healy-Quintard from Body & Balance has been very much part of the evolution of where it is today.


The Style of Fitness is finding exactly what suits the individual. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, who you want to achieve it with and how, whether that’s with a class, an app, a private session… there is so much out there, it is confusing. A friend or colleague recommendation is a good start, and working out with that person can be very motivating, even if you choose a space and follow an online program together. Find the style that is just right for you.

The Fashion of Fitness is so ‘on trend’ that it has made this clothing acceptable to move from the gym or class to street to café, to shop. If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it is an easy option. I had the first activewear shop in Avalon in the 1980’s and for me, it is everyday wear. I teach in my studio, to schools, to local halls all with ease of movement in this clothing.

Now, the Beauty of Fitness is another story. The feeling of movement, the blood pumping and the heart rate increasing is incredible. When you increase your heart rate, a feeling of elation occurs as endorphins are released and this in turn brings a glow to the skin and a feel good state of equilibrium with life. Once you begin this flow of movement, it not only feels beautiful, it looks beautiful as well. My clients hear me say when they are moving to the choreography in my BodyBarre, A45+ GROOVE, or YogaPilates Fusion classes how beautiful they look. This of course brings a laugh and smiles. That is the beauty of Fitness and Wellness.