Fresh New Answers for Pool Care Costs


Founder Neil Cunningham

Founder Neil Cunningham

Big electricity bill savings and environmental benefits can flow from some very simple pool changes. COVERED. Set out to learn more.

Backyard swimming pools evoke so many fond memories for Aussies both young and young at heart. Think tall icy drinks, sun loungers and refreshing pool plunges. It’s no wonder we love our pools.  

But many pool owners are shocked to learn that their backyard pool is a secret contributor to their escalating electricity bills. Pool upkeep costs often total thousands of dollars a year. The electricity costs to run your pool pump is a key, and often overlooked villain in this cost mix.

Happily, some simple changes can make a big chunk of this problem disappear. Like matching  the speed of your pool pump to the job it’s doing and the unique needs of your pool: faster for occasional jobs like backwashing, slower for every-day filtering jobs. The Swimming Pool and Spa Association and the Government have long championed these changes, but progress in our backyards has been stubbornly slow until now. 

Simply Better Pool Savings is one local company offering an innovative service to help Sydney’s pool owners change this. Its founder Neil Cunningham explains, “Pump speed matching alone is a one-time improvement that will slice $750 off yearly pool electricity bills. It’s simple and proven, but nine out of ten pool owners are missing out. Making this change absurdly easy for you is our point of difference and customers tell us it’s a game changer for them. The conventional pool industry just isn’t ticking this important box.” 

Experts agree that householders want to do more to reduce energy use and carbon emissions but they feel uncertain and road-blocked. 

“Our Pool Energy Audit highlights the best solutions for your particular pool. After you’ve seen a live working demonstration of a tailored solution, with accurate before and after energy costs, everything becomes a lot easier. So, we make it part of the service,” he adds.

Spending more time enjoying sparkling clean pool water, with lowered carbon emissions and dramatic electricity savings - sounds to us like a summer worth remembering.

Did you know...

  • Most pool pumps run at the correct speed less than 1% of the time
  • They run way too fast – equivalent to a car doing 150km in a 60km zone
  • A new pool frequently lifts a household’s annual electricity consumption by 50%
  • Your pump can be 60% quieter at the flick of a switch
  • A pool pump creates the same CO2 pollution in a year as a car doing the Sydney-Perth-Sydney trip twice over.