Mums On A Mission

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Mums Alison Valenti and Sophie Musumeci, are founders of Real Entrepreneur Mums with the goal of supporting women on their new career paths. Sophie told COVERED. about bringing their business to the Northern Beaches.

Alison and Sophie share a common mission: ‘To build a global business that inspires women to
go after their dreams and smash their goals.’

Sophie says they are challenging the status quo on the effectiveness of networking and creating supportive communities for women, who have changed their career paths from employee to entrepreneur. 

There appears to be an increase in women becoming entrepreneurs. Why do you think that is? There is definitely a movement building. Women want to be more present for their families without sacrificing their desires to be fulfilled professionally and contribute financially. According to the Bureau of Statistics, in Australia women are starting up their own businesses at a faster rate than men. We were both in the same position, unable to get the flexibility in our corporate careers, we needed to make a change to create a better lifestyle for our families. 

What is Real Entrepreneur Mums and how is it different from other networking groups? There are lots of different networking groups. Some are expensive and require a huge time commitment; others are more social with guest speakers and speed networking.  We are fun and are about inspiring communities of women, who experience each others’ businesses through deep dives sessions where members showcase their business and why they are unique. We focus on building a supportive environment where members get to know, like and trust each other, creating a culture of raving fans for their businesses.

Why did Real Entrepreneur Mums open on the Northern Beaches? After the success of our members in the Hills District and North Shore communities, word started to get out. We received multiple requests asking us to come to the Northern Beaches as there was nothing like it available where women could truly connect and grow their business with like-minded women. We jumped at the opportunity and are so thankful for their help in establishing our Manly and Mona Vale communities. 

Do you have to be a mum to be part of Real Entrepreneur Mums? No. This community is for all women who want to grow their business through genuine referrals and strong business relationships. 

How do we find out more?
We’d love you to attend a community meeting in Manly or Mona Vale as our guest. Come and experience the value this unique business referral group can add to your business. 

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