The Ecodownunder team from the Northern Beaches joined the campaign to spread the message about protecting our oceans.

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The Ecodownunder team has been long term supporters of Sea Shepherd Australia, assisting with fundraising by sourcing, supplying and selling Sea Shepherd merchandise in their stores across the Northern Beaches.  

A team from Ecodownunder recently joined MV Steve Irwin and Operation Jeedara, as part of the awareness and fundraising campaign in Port Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. 
“The true dedication of the Sea Shepherd volunteer crew was quite overwhelming. Individuals from around the world come together, committed to a common cause, protecting our ocean,” says Kathryn Maguire, from ecodownunder. 

Sea Shepherd’s latest campaign, Operation Jeedara, was launched in response to BP’s plans to drill for oil in the "Great Australian Bight".

The Great Australian Bight has been likened to the Galapagos when comparing its beauty and biodiversity, home to threatened species which do not exist elsewhere, as well as being the world’s most significant southern right whale nursery with humpback, sperm, blue and beaked whales also populating these pristine waters.

Back in 2010, BP was responsible for the world’s worst oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Six years later the Gulf has still not recovered from this environmental disaster with millions of litres of oil sitting on the ocean floor and industries that have still not recovered.  

A similar environmental disaster is inevitable in the Great Australian Bight if BP is allowed to drill in these waters which are deeper, rougher and more remote, meaning accidents are more likely and clean-up operations virtually impossible.

Operation Jeedara will result in a documentary to showcase, not just nationally but to the world, this area of immense natural beauty - what future generations stand to lose if BP is allowed to drill for oil.

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