Managing Director of Danes Specialty Coffee, Paul Jackson, admits the reason he got into the business was to produce a cup of coffee he liked the taste of - and he did. He tells COVERED. about his love of coffee and the rise of Danes to the very pinnacle of coffee roasting.

Coming from a background of supplying coffee and consumables to offices, Paul joined Danes at a time when a cup of coffee involved pouring water over filter coffee.

But he could see a bright future for what has long been the second most traded commodity after oil despite the bulk of the market consuming commodity coffee, as opposed to the high quality, specialty coffee produced by Danes. 

“I didn’t drink coffee at first because I didn’t like it. I became a roaster and created a coffee that I liked,” he laughs. His current favourite is Black Velvet which he has black and his wife likes with milk.

Paul is aware that he is part of the mere 5% of people who like black coffee with the majority of coffee sold in cafés being milky. “So, we make blends for milky coffee and we use high grade, high quality beans. 

“I want a complex flavour that is appealing to the consumer. Our aim is that more and more people are more discerning about their coffee and that’s when people seek us out.”

Danes opened a shop on Harbord Road the year Paul joined in 1995 and remained there until 2005, when they moved to the current premises in Dale Street, in Brookvale. Danes had a café and was roasting coffee in Harbord Road and this became the model for future roasters, to have a café at the front to promote their blends and beans. 

With the Danes brand well established now, there is a new flagship store in Clarence Street in the city, rapidly gaining a strong following, while at Dale Street you are able to sample coffee when deciding what beans to buy. “Currently the showroom always has on offer a sample of the batch brew, nitro and cold brew for the regulars that know about
our upstairs coffee sanctuary,” adds Paul.

And there are exciting plans for a ground floor sampling station to be housed in a container on the premises, to open next year. Essentially this will be an opportunity to taste the coffee and so will feature a full range of coffees including, cold drips, cold brews, nitro brews and a piccolo. “If you stop having a presence, then the new generation doesn’t know who you are so you have to keep reinventing yourself. The people will be able to come to Dale Street and buy beans and have a tasting and see the roasting process all in the one place. We will give them a full coffee experience,” Paul adds. He says the plans for the new addition are currently with the council. 

Paul says that while café standards have continued to rise, home coffee makers are increasingly particular about the standard of their homemade coffee. He wants to see more of these discerning drinkers on the peninsula becoming part of the Danes tribe.

“We are local to Brookvale and we want to continue to be part of the community and bring our coffee and share it with the local community. We want them to come here and to just enjoy the journey and the experience.” 

Where better to do that than Danes, in Dale Street, Brookvale.

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