Photography by  @elliebobilainphotography

Changing seasons, temperatures, landscapes, sports, clothes and even politicians. In keeping with the ‘CHANGE’ theme for this edition of COVERED. - it’s all changing on the Northern Beaches.

As the summer heat has faded the peninsula hunkers in on itself. Fewer holidaymakers leave the beachside paths a little less crowded and locals dominate the surf and the beaches. It can be easier to see the true nature of the area on beautiful bright days with residents passing their time walking, biking, surfing, swimming – yes even now – relaxing in cafés and bars and enjoying the rising tide of craft beers that are appearing in this neck of the woods. Restaurants and bars pull down shutters and roll out the heaters and blankets to lure people out of the house.

There is still plenty of activity with winter sports crowding the playfields from dawn till dusk at the weekends and training sessions held throughout the week. Marathon and ‘fun’ run season is in full swing as the most committed step out on dark mornings to get their fill of fitness and sunrises. With housing affordability an ever present topic, we are being warned it’s time for a change in rates and perhaps in attitudes here on the beaches, where we want to preserve our idyllic lives but rant about the cost of it all and the inability of the next generation to match the lives their parents enjoy. Is it time to change, to grow and to see where it all leads…