C E L E B R A T E - 2017/18


Summer is an easy time of year to celebrate. There are many festivities to get you in the spirit with several public celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Australia Day. It’s holiday season with free time to spend doing what you love and simply celebrating life on the Northern Beaches and all it has to offer. 

Celebrating our environment also means embracing ways to keep the area beautiful. Increasingly everyone is being held accountable for how they manage their individual consumption, consumerism and waste and the wider impact this has on the world. So it’s time to celebrate recycling, a move away from single use plastics and concern for the pollution and waste we are bringing onto land and sea and air. Collectively we are celebrating the successful vote to legalise same sex marriage and hopefully we are poised for this to become law very soon. 

We celebrate all love, family and good health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. From Manly to Palm Beach celebrations abound and there are many reasons and places to enjoy doing just this.