A life-changing moment in a small Sydney café was the start of a coffee journey that has seen Campos become a national brand with cafés up and down the beaches choosing this quality coffee.

Campos Founder Will Young was never a great coffee fan, seeing it as a way to combat tiredness rather than a pleasurable drink. But after stumbling into a Newtown café he was treated to a flavoured-filled coffee that was rich and complex. He says that by the time the cup was empty, his life was on a different path – one devoted to coffee.

After visiting a coffee growing origin, Will decided it was about more than just coffee. The belief that coffee only tastes good when it’s made ethically and with care, is what his business came to be built on.

“The purpose of our company is to unleash the power of good coffee across the world, so quality coffee cultivated by good,” he explains.

This ethos is what has driven the Campos brand to its current position of now having seven flagship Campos Coffee cafés, roasteries in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and an amazing network of partner cafés across Australia. 

The Northern Beaches café scene is flooded with Campos supporters from Manly to Palm Beach. “I love the Northern Beaches. There’s just an immediate kinship.

“Our whole network started with 2KF in Mona Vale, and that was my first customer that wasn’t Campos. We saw an immediate alignment of values and just saw that we could really do well with these guys, they saw the world the same way we did,” he explains.

Will says the quality of the coffee is consistent. “We see the brand as a promise of good coffee… when I make a promise, or we make a promise, I really can’t sleep if we’re not coming through on it, so we’re constantly working on making sure that when you buy that green cup, the coffee inside it tastes as good as the last time you bought that green cup,” he says. 

The Campos relationship with cafés is just as important to the company as those it has with the growers and producers. Campos offers support and services beyond beans and is keen to share their expertise on setting up cafés, growing a business and even opening additional cafés. 

“We’ve been very selective with the partners we take on. We don’t put in too many per neighbourhood, so we can really focus on one and make sure they’re the best on the street.

“They’re representing us as much as we’re representing them. They’re the face of our brand more than we are. At Zubi, Little Collins, Bloom, Fuel, Fika, Coolmac, they’re all fantastic. So, we want them to succeed as much as possible,” enthuses Will.

“We want to embed ourselves in the coffee society, especially in the Northern Beaches which is so important to us. There’s some great baristas up there and we’re a company that’s been built by baristas, and to be involved in the competition, and your barista angle, is awesome.”

The Campos team works tirelessly on the ground at origin, looking at the latest harvest, tasting, roasting and working with their partners to find new ways to deliver a better crop than the one before.

They also have at least one social project in each region they buy from - a school building in Papua New Guinea, buying a large tractor for a coffee farming co-op in Kenya and acting as major funders in Open Heart – a program that sends Australian heart surgeons to Rwanda to perform lifesaving operations on children, to name a few.

 “We’ve got to have a purpose for waking up, for getting out of bed every morning and it can’t be around profit, it really has to be surrounded by doing good in this world,” adds Will. And not forgetting, making amazing coffee.