Bradley Sissins - Shot To Bits


Our beautiful image on the cover this summer edition is by local photographer Bradley Sissins entitled Green Wall, Dee Why Beach.

He says the stunning shot was captured in an early morning shoot at the beach he lives closest to.

“The water is that colour for about ten minutes in the morning with the sun coming through but only when the water is really cold,” he explains.

After more than 20 years doing corporate product work, predominantly in the sporting goods arena, Brad is following his passion taking shots of surfing, boating, fishing, SUP, sailing and his family.

He has a number of corporate water sport clients and frequently shoots events and product launches. But he loves to take beach shots when, “The sun is right, the waves are right and the time is right – and you get the shot.”

COVER SHOT:    Green Wall, Dee Why Beach
Camera:    Nikon D5
Lens:    AF-S Nikkor 400mm f2.8E FL ED VR
ISO:    800
Exp Mode:    Manual
Aperture:    f8
Speed:    1/2000th Second
Notes:    AFS TCE 1.4 III Teleconverter

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