Beachside Dinners Done Right


Freshwater’s most popular casual café, Calm Café has launched its summer dinner nights from Thursday to Sunday and they are definitely worth a visit, as Kezia from COVERED. found out.

To celebrate the summer season’s balmy weather and late sunsets, the popular Calm Café in Freshwater is now open Thursday to Sunday nights for dinner and drinks from 5pm to 10pm.

When we found out about Calm Café’s night time dinner menu and range of delicious cocktails available, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to try out the Freshie Beach hotspot for a spontaneous date night.

Arriving we were spoilt for choice, with the venue seating up to 60 people both al fresco, indoors and on the deck. Opting to sit outside under fairy lights, we were instantly impressed by the venue’s cool and chilled night time feel, with incredible views of the beach and ocean.

With the sea breeze and the sun slowly setting, we sipped on the Freshwater Martini and Spiced Margarita while tasting a selection of entrée tapas plates of Fried Haloumi and Pan Fried Gyoza.

Definitely worth an order, the Fried Haloumi is as good as you could expect. With a crispy outer and deliciously cooked to perfection, haloumi slices over a chef’s specialty watermelon salsa, fresh mint and coriander mix.

The Pan Fried Gyoza’s are a handmade Aussie-Japanese fusion full of flavour and matched with a side of tasty nam jim sauce, a great appetizer before the main meal.

The local café has a huge range of unique burgers available, with protein bases such as beef, blue cheese, bacon, egg, haloumi, lamb, chicken and falafel. With so many incredible combinations on offer, we asked chef and owner Cedric for recommendation on what to try.

On the endorsement of Cedric, my husband Matt tried the Falafel Burger with Calm’s relish, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and yogurt sauce, with the addition of bacon to avoid the ‘vegetarian’ label.

The falafel was cooked to perfection and paired really well with the combination of other ingredients. Matt said, “I rate this burger a ten out of ten, so good.” His burger was also matched with a big portion of delicious chips and aioli.

I opted for the Grilled Portuguese chicken salad, which was delicious and exactly what I felt like on a balmy Thursday night. The salad featured huge portions of grilled to perfection Portuguese chicken, slices of avocado, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds on a bed of fresh lettuce splashed with handmade balsamic vinaigrette.

After finishing our meal, Cedric came to speak with us about his passion for food and the Freshwater community. He says locals often come to the café after sessions at the beach and in the surf.

“Many people who come to Calm Café have just come out from spending time with friends and family at the beach and the last thing they want to do is make lunch and dinner,” said Cedric.

“All of our burgers can be made into salads or wraps, depending on what our customers feel like, which means there’s a ‘burger’ for absolutely everyone.”

Every Thursday from 5pm, you can grab any burger, chips and wine or beer  for just $18. Happy Hour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 6pm, means you can grab any beer or wine for $5.50 and incredible tasting cocktails for just $12.

Get on down to Calm Café for a chilled summer dinner overlooking Freshwater Beach.

Calm Café
37 Moore Road, Freshwater
02 8021 5583