Beach HIIT by GFitness


HIIT training has taken the fitness industry by storm but just what is it and how do the classes at GFitness stand out from the rest? COVERED. visited GFitness in Freshwater to find out more.

HIIT workouts allow you to preserve your hard earned muscles while ensuring most of your weight loss comes from fat stores. A win- win! Since HIIT is such a simple concept, it offers seasoned exercisers a new challenge and new exercisers a quick way to see results.  GFitness at 23 Oliver Street, Freshwater, currently runs FIVE HIIT classes per week and this October will once again run the Northern Beaches most exciting program - beach HIIT. 

Bringing HIIT to Freshwater Beach

Kicking off this October right on Freshie Beach. Get involved in the new 30-minute outdoor Beach HIIT Classes on Freshwater Beach – at the south end - this October and work towards a fabulous Summer beach body. 

The hugely successful HIIT program, is heading outdoors to Freshwater beach for Summer every Wednesday at 6am and Saturday at 8am starting from 14th of October. 

You can get all the benefits of the HIIT program with the added pleasure of feeling the sand between your toes as GFitness’s legendary trainers making sure they get the most out of your beach workout. 

Courses run for six weeks and you can choose to do one or two sessions per week. 


Call OR visit GFitness or download your FREE five day pass.

Come and try out this award-winning gym at the current location of 23 Oliver Street, Freshwater, and look forward in anticipation to the relocation to the New Harbord Diggers. This new facility will be one of the most iconic recreation venues in Sydney. 

The pass can be used for any current classes.

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