Be Brave Artspace in Avalon presents ‘Scissors, Paper. Rock + Roll’ exhibition featuring four artists and covering a variety of mediums and styles from tapestry and photography, to ceramics and painting. COVERED. found out more.

Tapestry girl Niki McDonald is the ‘Scissors’ element showcasing her beautiful work. Urban faces, spaces and attitudes made permanent in wool. The sass of urban life balanced with the pace of needlepoint tapestry. “I’m saying that the colours and shapes from our streets empower our urban women and give them sass and individuality,” Niki explains.

“Ironically street art is fast, contemporary and masculine. Tapestry is slow, traditional and feminine. I wanted to break the rules of tradition using a traditional medium, it’s been about maximising and urbanising the needlepoint tapestry medium.”

Niki spray paints canvases and uses luxurious yarns allowing depth and layering. She’s drawn to size and likes her works to be big so they make an impact. She also paints and stitches pegboards. “I’m enjoying using the tools and techniques of domesticity for urban sass and sustained self-expression,” she adds.

The ‘Paper’ aspect of the exhibition comes from photographer Christian Trinder. He uses photography for corporate work, advertising, politicians, not-for-profits and arts organisations, among other things. “As great as that is, getting away and having the freedom to explore photography without any boundaries is a passion of mine,” he adds. His work in the show features a series of underwater nudes.

‘Rock’ comes from ceramic artist, Tracey Trinder. She gets inspiration from the ocean and loves the juxtaposition of a calming natural world with the frantic urban energy. “The ocean is where I go both physically and mentally to refresh and recharge. I’m drawn to its lack of sharp edges, the rounded corners, the gentle waving forms of seaweed and marine life that ebb and flow with the movement of water.” She uses fine white porcelain clay and super fine stoneware to recreate ocean forms.

‘Roll’ is artist Cameron Gordon, who after working in visual merchandising for more than 25 years, now creates paintings that bring colour and modern subjects together to create excitement and movement and reflect the urban and commercial world. His current painting series celebrates the beauty of the everyday mode of transport - the car.

Be Brave Artspace,
5-7 Careel Head Road, Avalon
Exhibtion: March 16 – April 03

Official opening is March 16, 5-8pm.